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Be Juicy

The Story

I’m Barbara – the “B” in BeJuice. Welcome !

Born in Ghana, I grew up in the United States and I live in Nice since 2006. Like most of us, I learned to juggle my personal, professional and family life running everywhere trying to keep things together!

A few years ago, I realized that I was not cut out for a calm life and I began to look for ways to balance my inner serenity with an energy-consuming lifestyle.

I first found yoga, which made me realize that if my body was a temple I had to pay close attention to what I was putting into it. Then, I had an aha moment, when I did my first juice feast: seven days of consuming only fresh fruit and vegetable juice – it was like turning on a reset button … all just by drinking fruit and vegetables!

I created BeJuice in 2013 when the idea of drinking vegetables was very new on the French Riviera. I am proud of BeJuice because it is the pioneer of juicing in Nice. Before creating Badaboom, the plant-based bistrot of BeJuice, we were itinerant.  We could be found some days at the Liberation market or in various establishments that welcomed us for ‘juicy hour’ – the happy hour of cold-pressed juice

Today, my goal is to share the benefits of juicing through yoga classes, a jogging club, customised juice cleanses, and “juice your yoga” retreats. You can find the freshly pressed juices of BeJuice everyday at Badaboom exclusively.

BeJuice also offers other forms of liquid energy:

  • Kombucha is produced by fermenting sugared tea using a symbiotic culture of good bacteria and yeast (SCOBY)
  • Kefir Water: a probiotic fermented and carbonated beverage rich in beneficial bacteria that is produced using kefir grains, fruit juice and water
  • Jun: produced by fermenting green tea with honey using a symbiotic culture of good bacteria and yeast (SCOBY)
  • Vitamin waters: Filtered water infused with local and seasonal fruits, spices and herbs.


If you are an establishment interested in reselling our fermented drinks, please contact me by email:

raspberry juice

Our juices

Juicing is a good way to optimise the minerals and vitamins in fruits and vegetables. A 50cl. Juice contains about 1 kilo of fruits and vegetables. Whether you want to reset your digestive system, find your healthy weight or heal from a disease, we have a solution for you in our juicing program and juice cleanse.

BeJuice juices are created by cold pressing of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, without any addition or pasteurization, so they are the purest fresh juices. Our hydraulic press extracts almost all the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients present in the ingredients: every sip of BeJuice fills you with well-being.

Our cold-pressed juices are produced with the legendary Norwalk machine which assures that you have almost no fiber in the juice, so the juices can last for 3 days refrigerated.